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  $5 $15 $20 $40 $75
Monthly Storage Learn more 50mb 250mb 400mb 800mb 1500mb
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Subscription Service *Developer fees apply Opt-in Required Opt-in Required Opt-in Required Opt-in Required Opt-in Required
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Custom Mobile App *Developer fees apply     +$10/month +$10/month +$10/month
Basic Statistics +$2/month
Advanced Statistics    
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Additional 200mb     +10/month +10/month  

Monthly Storage is the amount you can upload during any given month. Available storage is reset around 12:00am GMT on the first of each month. All previously uploaded files will still be there but will no longer count toward monthly storage.

In addition to your Libsyn monthly hosting fee, there is a one time $50 set-up fee and a recurring $10 monthly charge.

If you choose to submit to the Google Play or the iOS market developer fees will apply. They are currently a one time $25 fee for Google Play and $99 per year fee for a standard individual iOS developer account.

The $50 fee and $10 recurring charge will not be charged until you complete the build forms for apps found under DESTINATIONS in your Libsyn account.

The $25 Google Play fee and $99 iOS Developer fee are payable directly to those markets as a part of the creation of the respective developer accounts.