Doug Small Photo P. Douglas Small serves as President of Alive Ministries, and as director of the recently launched ProjectPray: Pray:Southeast USA, an outreach of Alive Ministries. After a number of years in pastoral ministry and education, Doug founded a conference ministry in 1988. For over ten years, he conducted Bible, Family and Leadership seminars across the nation. He remains a popular speaker at conventions, prayer conferences and retreats.

In 1992, Doug became involved in the Prayer Summit movement, headquartered out of Multnomah Bible College and Seminary in Portland, Oregon. The movement began in 1989 when Dr. Joe Aldrich, then President of Multnomah Bible College and Seminary challenged pastors in Salem, Oregon to have a meeting with God, as the corporate representatives of the one Church of Salem. That four-day, agenda free, prayer and fellowship meeting between more than 50 pastors was to be the first of almost 1000 such "Prayer Summits" now conducted around the world in over 250 cities. Dennis Fuqua is now the international director of the movement known as International Renewal Ministries (IRM).

In 1996, Doug became the Southeast regional representative for the IRM Prayer Summit movement. Since then, he has traveled to more than 50 southeastern cities and abroad meeting with pastoral groups from almost every conceivable denomination. This year, about 25 southeastern cities will conduct pastor's prayer summits, up from five cities in 1995. Over 100 summits have now been conducted in the southeast alone.

Dr. Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism indicates that "nothing moves a city toward unity and renewal faster and farther in one sweeping action than does a prayer summit." The Billy Graham Association frequently recommends prayer summits in connection with their crusades. The Nashville Prayer Summit was conducted in connection with the Graham team and the crusade in that city. The recent Billy Graham Jacksonville Crusade was birthed out of the prayer summit community that has functioned in that city for several years. Dr. Jack Dennison of Citi-Reach commends the power of prayer-summits as a catalyst for any city-reaching initiative. Dave Bryant of the National Prayer Committee and Concerts of Prayer is another advocate of prayer summits.

ProjectPray Southeast is a working partnership between Alive Ministries and International Renewal Ministries (the prayer summit movement). Doug Small serves twelve southern states as a representative and consultant to prayer-driven, pastor-led, city-wide renewal initiatives. In addition, Doug serves as a member of the City-Impact Roundtable, a division of Mission America and as a member of the National Prayer Committee.

Project Pray represents a number of initiatives.

In Birmingham, almost 100 pastors attended the last summit. Some 70-80 pastors gather for the "Cry for Birmingham" prayer gatherings in the city there held quarterly. In Little Rock, the Sharefest event there last year drew together over 100 churches and 3,000 volunteers who shared the love of Christ with the city in servant-evangelism. They gave 1200 units of blood, the Southeast record. They collected more toys than the Marines had ever gathered for a Christmas season. They donated food for 20,000 people. They collected enough coats to put one on the back of every underprivileged child in Central Arkansas. On Sunday evening, 8,000 Christians came together for an evening of prayer and worship. They prayed for one of the judges, for the mayor. The governor closed the evening with a special challenge. And they received an offering of $250,000.00 to minister to the pain of the city. The offering was given to the mayors of Little Rock and North Little Rock and divided between four agencies that ministered interdenominationally in the city.

Doug has written publications currently being used in the prayer movement: "Journey Toward City Renewal," "Planning an IRM Prayer Summit," and "Developing a Pastor's Prayer Plan."

In addition, Alive Ministries offers a number of teaching resources widely used by pastors across the nation: "Principles of Worship and the Tabernacle of Moses," "Principles of Restoration - the Visions of Zechariah," "The Anointing," "Revival and Renewal," "Don't Get Stuck in the Wilderness," "The Perils of Sheep and Shepherds," "The Mysterious Ways of God," and "Kingdom of Priests."

Doug Small has served as a pastor, educator and teaching evangelist for more than thirty years. He has served churches in South Dakota, California and Florida. He is an ordained minister with the Church of God and is under appointment as consultant on prayer ministries to the General Evangelism and Home Missions Department for that denomination. He holds a B. A. degree in Christian Ministries, an M. A. degree in Biblical Studies and a second M. A. degree in Pastoral Ministry. He and his wife Barbara, a partner with him in ministry, have five children and nine grandchildren. They live in North Carolina.

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